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ZipZapZop Moved!

(last post here, sorry!)

Thanks to Bre Pettis, ZipZapZop has gotten a facelift and a new rack!
ZipZapZop.blogspot.com will no longer be the place to catch up on ZipZapZop---->
go to ZipZapZop.com!!

The feeds remain the same, and all the archives are there...
All new posts beginning December 23, 2005 will begin going to ZipZapZop.com
and zipzapzop.blogspot.com will only have older posts and archives...

the management

ZipZapZop: MyGermanClass.com

Watch the video

ZipZapZop.com: randomness with Clark Saturn.
Links: MyGermanClass.com, Back from 10 days of silence and meditation workout which proved beyond any reasonable doubt to me the symbiotic nature of mind and matter, the impermanance of all. But anyway, I'm back home eating potato chips and now focusing on the online German classes which start back up next week. And now the class is not just for high school students in Colorado, it's open to everyone! So I'm looking for a few motivated adults to be my new guinea pigs!

Special bonus MP3!
Whale-a-Dub : a 60 min. or so mix of ambient and deep dub, combined with an old National Geographic flexidisc of the sounds of whales. Mixed up by Clark ov Saturn, a bonus for those who hit the ZipZapZop site! Many more of these to come!

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