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A ZipZapZop New Years Song

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ZipZapZop.com with Clark and Seema Saturn. Enjoy! Happy New Year's 2006!
ZipZapZop will return to fulfill all your resolutions and deepest fantasies around January 9th.

A ZipZapZop Christmas...

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ZipZapZop holiday spirit starring Bre Pettis of IMakeThings.com, Jennifer Rundle of jenniferrundle.blogspot.com and yours truly... Please note that ZipZapZop.blogspot.com will no longer be having new posts, they wil all go to ZipZapZop.com... change is in the air!

ZipZapZop Moved!

Thanks to Bre Pettis, ZipZapZop has gotten a facelift and a new rack!
ZipZapZop.blogspot.com will no longer be the place to catch up on ZipZapZop---->
go to ZipZapZop.com!!

The feeds remain the same, and all the archives are there...
All new posts beginning December 23, 2005 will begin going to ZipZapZop.com
and zipzapzop.blogspot.com will only have older posts and archives...

the management

ZipZapZop: Carp Caviar

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ZipZapZop.com with Clark Saturn...
BottomUnion.com is having Carp Caviar Promo month, and Bottom Union rocks, so I thought I'd toss something together... it kind of is in step with my bathroom humor month... or year or decade or life or whatever. This features audio from a friend in college, Ferris Buehler we called him, who was like a zen master of the belch. It was so hysterical i had to record it on cassette, and luckily I still had the recording.

ZipZapZop: CopalaMovie

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ZipZapZop.com with Clark Saturn...
Today we take a trip to beautiful Copala, Mexico where infamous director, Boutrous Boutrous Clarky talks about his new international donkey man of mystery movie in the making. It's a movie vlog! Yeah, the audio is gnarly and such... Amazing what a separate stereo mic does to the sound when you're carrying a plastic bag... oh, the reference is to a joke I'll tell tomorrow or something...

ZZZ 12 December 05: sitting on Vlog Santas lap

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ZipZapZop.com with Clark Saturn...
Today's topics: Zencast.org plays the Floor of Happiness in episode 30...(did I mention the mixed in Alan Watts and the best Dragnet episode ever!?!) Thanks Amber @ Zencast! Drink for the holidays: Chocolate Mexicano... and Clark has a couple important questions for VlogSanta, over at mnstories.com.

ZZZ 2 Dec: American Walker: the short

ZipZapZop.com : a special holiday presentation :

American Walker, a short documentary by Andrew Hubschmann and Clark ov Saturn which explores the dark crazy world of competitive racewalking, or speedwalking.
My apologies for the length and size of this (11:45, 63 megs). For those who have seen and enjoyed this enlightening documentary before, please enjoy it again and again.

Formats available: Quicktime (.mov)

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