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ZZZ 2 Dec: American Walker: the short

ZipZapZop.com : a special holiday presentation :

American Walker, a short documentary by Andrew Hubschmann and Clark ov Saturn which explores the dark crazy world of competitive racewalking, or speedwalking.
My apologies for the length and size of this (11:45, 63 megs). For those who have seen and enjoyed this enlightening documentary before, please enjoy it again and again.

Formats available: Quicktime (.mov)

This was absolutely hilarious! My husband was looking at me like I was crazy as I watched this video. My drink was coming out my nose. The "walk", the facial expressions, the editing.. I better hold off on another sip until I can recover ;) Great job!!
I actually take a walking class in college. Its a joke but the instuctor takes it sooo sereously, I am really tempted to show him this but he might fail me.
Oh, and theres no 'suggest a story' link here but I've been trying to get this onetime spam fighting page out on the web.
Oh sweet Jesus!

That was hilarious. I'm glad I spent 11:45" of my life watching it. I am enriched!
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