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ZZZ 22 Nov 05: TiVo Brain Meditation...

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ZipZapZop.com vlog is a video blog podcast of news, music and entertainment for the Brave New World, hosted by Clark Saturn, video hosted by Blip.TV.
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Today's topics: (click to read more!)
TiVo to play on iPods?, New article about Meditation and the Brain, the Dalai Lama and Neuroscience on NPR, an old story about Zen and the Brain on NPR,

10 day vipassana meditation course--- non-commercial, non-profit, at no charge, for anyone of any religious background

Oh, and thanks to BottomUnion for reminding me about this link to the MP3 of that song: Floor of Happiness 

BONUS: Here's a delicious podcast from Zencast.org, called No Ego, No Fear Part 1 (mp3). It's totally rocking! Check zencast.org for part 2 as well.

Why don't you drop an mp3 link
to that song you made?
Hey, thats my song on No Fear, No Ego!
thanx for the comlement.
im going to add this page to my links for my
love JiBaH:)
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