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ZipZapZop 061005: Disposable DV, Garbage, Rich, Hungry

ZipZapZop.com 061005: Disposable DV, Garbage, Rich

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ZipZapZop Daily: Tips, News and Entertainment for the Brave New World.
Hosted by Clark Saturn, recorded (mostly) live in New York City.

ZipZapZop 061005 Topics:

great show... so where's sima's vlog? tell her i like her pendant! :)
Man... if you don't bring back the 60's and 70's for me... and that's a big compliment from my end.

How do you choose the news event of the day? Is there a set of criteria you use? Don't get me wrong, I like what you choose... I'm just curious about how you do it?

You have a beauty weekend too!

Tao Te Ching!
cool hair ... nice wife ... keep up the good work ... if you don't do it who will?
You are da bomba. La bomba. Not in an evil terrorist way, but more like a terrier. Hairy, messy, determined to eat all the puppy chow and damn cute doing it.
I like it, but your wife was breaking up. Keep it up. Are we new?
Thanks to all for your messages! I would like to answer some questions:
Seema has no vlog, but who knows? Maybe one day...
As far as choosing the daily events and such, mostly I use whatever is on my mind or seems important, or things I find out there. I don't have too much time to put into this at this point, so I just kind of let it flow.
In this video, the part of my wife Seema was shot on my Treo650 phone and copied/pasted into the Quicktime movie. For some people it works fine, for others, it crashes Firefox (sorry!) and for others it has no sound or breaks up, etc. Hopefully I'll get it all figured out one day so that doesn't happen to anyone.
This brings up another thing, as said, I don't have too much time for this, so I tend to do this "live" into Quicktime rather than do editing and titling and such in final cut. So generally, what you see is recorded "live", saved, and uploaded, with little to know post-production whatsoever.

Thanks again for viewing and commenting!
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