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ZipZapZop 061705: Acne Laughs, Superglue

ZipZapZop.com 061705: Acne Laughs, Superglue

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ZipZapZop Daily: Tips, News and Entertainment for the Brave New World.
Hosted by Clark Saturn, recorded (mostly) live in New York City.

ZipZapZop 061705 Topics:

You Be Jammin'!
So what if white boyz got no rhythm.
Your humor makes up for it!
actually, i think your singing is quite lovely.
bad singing!? stupid comments? what are you talking about?! ... you the man! ... this was probably my favorite ever ... long live zip zap ... well ... whatever the last part is ...
Interesting blog you have here, I landed here on accident. I like the blog. I was searching for something else and came across your site. I found it pretty interesting and entertaining. I got you book marked.

I will pop back in from time to time to see what you have new here. Feel free to check mine out also clear pores
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