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ZipZapZop 062105: Grapefruit, Orgasms, Naughty

ZipZapZop.com 062105: Grapefruit, Orgasms, Naughty

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ZipZapZop Daily: Tips, News and Entertainment for the Brave New World.
Hosted by Clark Saturn, recorded (mostly) live in New York City.

Today's ZipZapZop.com topics:

you are a brave funny man, Clark of Saturn!
Did you post later than usual? I started getting itchy (or was that my exo-g-string acting up?) when I didn't have my ZZZ with my coffee this morning.

The itch was scratched when I came back in the afternoon... but not before I slapped my computer around a few times thinking it had frozen your video.

One faithful viewer,
hahaha. I actually wonder if this is real. But i pretty much do all that apart from the dance and the wearing of womens underwear while im filming.

I should post my outtakes...I probably have a few weeks worth.

- Ian
Hilarious. Sexy. Ah.
Nice butt-floss
Sexy sexy. I'm tuning in tomorrow!
Sexy, sexy. I'm tuning in tomorrow too!
you kind of remind me of Stan Laurel. You know, Laurel and Hardy. You have the head scratch thing down perfect.
well that dance was certainly troubling, disturbing, yet oddly intriguing, and dare I say stimulating ... nice job, despite the accidental recording ...
Head scratch. Ha Ha. Stan Laurel.... Funny.

So I was watching this on a plane and when you got up to dance I had to fast forward.

Otherwise my seating partners might have gotten the wrong idea about me.

I love the fact the you posted this.

After reading that this was how you are all the time, it's even better watching it the second time.

In which clark was messing around to get ready and then finally figured out he had been recording the whole time. We thought you might like to see this behind the scenes look.Nice post.
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