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ZipZapZop 2 June 2005: G-strings Juicing

ZipZapZop.com 060205: G-String Juicing

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ZipZapZop Daily: Tips, News and Entertainment for the Brave New World.
Hosted by Clark Saturn, recorded (mostly) live in New York City.

ZipZapZop 060205 Topics:
Sorry, the video/audio is out of sync today, didn't have time to fix it. And it's a bit long, too. Almost 6 minutes.
P.S. If anyone was subscribed to the feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/zipzapzop/ that feed is no longer in service. The official feed is http://feeds.feedburner.com/clarksworld/ as you see linked on the right. This seems to work with fireANT and My Yahoo pretty well.

that was certainly interesting ... especially good vocals at the end :) ... entertaining and funny video!
oh yeah, also, the audio and video got out of synch at the beginning and I tried starting over a few times and it didn't seem to fix the problem, not sure if it was the download or the video - might check it ...
thanks, and thanks for your note on the audio sync. I noticed that and didn't have time to fix it. (I noted this in the vlog entry as well.)
I recorded it live and the computer hiccupped a couple times during recording. But alas, too busy today to redo, so it'll have to live in all its amateur glory! :)

i'll check yours out asap, and thanks for taking time to comment!
i think i want an orange mustache. you might have just convinced me to go organic. :) *Note to self: go to farmer's market this Sunday...
less packaging is always good, but how much electricity are you using to make that one cup of juice?
probably not much.
Ok. You sold me. I've been a fan of Juicy Juice for so long though. It's 100% Juice, you know!
Good video.
I liked the 2nd part better than the 1st part. Although, the Onion thing could be good if you maybe add a personal commentary to the piece. It loses something if you just read their bit word for word.
Overall, a good post.
I'm subscribing!
Hi Zadi: Farmer's market, yeah! Co-op yeah! Urbanorganic.com, yeah! (in NYC anyway. Maybe there's something like it in your town?)

And Adam: good call on the onion comment. Thanks! As to the electricity, I thought about this very question, so I'm glad you asked. We only then have to imagine how much electricity goes into shipping fresh fruits and vegetables to a facility, processing the juices, packaging them in plastic or glass with a label, and then shipping them via vehicles (made of metal, glass, etc.) using fossil fuels for power, via highways made of more finite resources and substances such as tar, and then finally to your supermarket! Even my organic veggies I get delivered to my doorstep via gas-guzzling van...

It's amazing, almost everything we do, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear, is dependent upon the very finite resources of fossil fuels: oil, gas, etc. Everything we mass produce, transport, and consume, at this point in time, is somehow related to the depletion of the earth's oil. Nevertheless, hopefully we'll discover cleaner ways to create, transport, and share what we need that don't use up natural resources that took billions of years to create and only hundreds of years to deplete.

And I'm by no means saying we should never drink pre-packaged products or we should live like cave people, but every time we choose to make our own juice instead of drink soda or something like Oceanspray or Snapple or whatever, we are minimizing the effects our consumption has on the environment, and that makes for one positive baby step in the direction of a healthier world.

Thanks again for viewing, commenting and subscribing! That makes my day.
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