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ZipZapZop.com 061605: Hooters, Vomit

ZipZapZop.com 061605: Hooters, Vomit

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ZipZapZop Daily: Tips, News and Entertainment for the Brave New World.
Hosted by Clark Saturn, recorded (mostly) live in New York City.

ZipZapZop 061605 Topics:
  • Shout out to Leisure Muffin!

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    Yup. Great haircut. I must say that it was more exciting before when it went all over the place... embrace change - it brings good things (sometimes).

    And hey - what about an interview for the 49media podcast?
    zip zap zop zoohoo!

    great haircut.

    keep on rocking the weird world.
    Your readings of the Tao Te Ching must be the most vigorously expressed of all its readings on the world wide web! Right?

    Nice hairdo!
    Most excellent haircut, playing and singing!
    fill-ee-uhl is right, m'man. i'm really glad i saw this!!!! thank you for letting me know about what is going on today!!!
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