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ZipZapZop.com 071305: MSHJ, Übel Knübel, RB weather

ZipZapZop.com 071305: MSHJ, Übel Knübel, RB

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ZipZapZop Daily: Tips, News and Entertainment for the Brave New World.
Hosted by Clark Saturn, recorded (mostly) live in New York City.

ZipZapZop 071305 Topics:

Clark, Great to meet you too! my feed button is the first one on my sidebar but in case you missed it here is the feed address: http://feeds.feedburner.com/joshleo
Hey Clark! Being the middle aged, technology challenged, southerner I am, I can't "see" the vlog today... but I can hear yew jus fine!! Any idears whut I might have dun down here?

btw... enjoy catchin' up with yew each day...
Hi Walter, sorry to hear that. Not sure why, actually, as it works for me. Are you on PC? I usually recommend to people it doesn't work for to re-download/install Quicktime in case there is an out of date codec or something.
Thanks! cheers, clark
dude, tell me theres a way to watch your german videos! i wish i had vids like that when i took it in college...
you'll always be the RB HJ weatherdude in my book.

hey you should keep doing RB weather reports anyway. "Back to you Amanda. (sniff) Umm, I said Back to you Amanda. Where the F*&@ is Amanda?"
Hey, Clark, I just thought I should second what Walter mentioned. Audio is okay but no video today. Actually Quicktime gave an error on today's entry saying that it was missing some software but it couldn't find the necessary software on the server. Did you make a change in the encoding? And yes, it'll probably work on my Mac just fine, but the PC doesn't like it today.
Hi all,
Thanks for your comments!
I mistakenly recorded this one on H.264, and my theory is that that is not PC friendly, because in the past I had that problem. I am currently exporting as mpeg4 and will reupload this file tonight, so try again Friday morning. cheers, clark
Oh, p.s. for learning german, here are more videos:

clark's learn German links:
These are all short videos with text in English and German. Just read and
follow the directions. I suggest you read the script in English first, then
in German, then watch the video a couple times, then read along with it,
then speak along out loud while reading, just listen, etc. The more times
you play it and different ways (reading, not reading, just watching, just
listening, speaking out loud, etc) the better. I think by using these you
can get some good review and learn some new words and such: (you need
RealPlayer from http://www.real.com to view these, it's free.)

The Man Who Wears the Rubber shoes:
go into this directory and click on the gummi1.html, then gummi2.html, etc.

Cooking with Herr Nelson (food)
same thing, click on kochen1.html then kochen2.html, etc.

Herr Nelson at the Psychiatrists office (feelings)

Übel Knübels world (relationships, mother/father, modal verbs)

Animal Cracker Love in the Forest:

On the Road with Herr Nelson

enjoy the summer,
Übel das ist, der die das den dem den, fen fie fas, klem kren exen.

I love your work, Clark. This video, which I saw first time just now I am afraid, is awesome. Simply frigging awesome. I will go make a vlog entry now.
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