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ZipZapZop: 080805: Laughter Tao

ZipZapZop 080805: Laughter, Tao

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ZipZapZop Daily: Tips, News and Entertainment for the Brave New World.
Hosted by Clark Saturn, recorded (mostly) live in New York City.

Today's ZipZapZop.com topics:

  • Laughter Meditation with Beth Agnew (via We Are the Media.com)
  • Please send me an AIFF (AIF) or WAV file of you laughing. (Preferably in a quiet room, but perhaps you are looking at something you think is funny so it sounds real) OH I forgot: please make it under 20 seconds..)
  • Oh and also, a quicktime video or mpeg4 video of you laughing for 5 seconds would be great, too.
  • Tao Te Ching #38
Post recording cheese random nonsensical rant:
I think Beth's laughter meditation technique is also interesting because we realize we might have a tendency to look outside ourselves for happiness, joy, laughter, entertainment, but it's all in us already. We don't need to look outside ourselves but rather inside. My prediction is that eventually people need less and less entertainment outside themselves, because they move from working from the head toward the heart, and thereby become happier with less, more creative and spontaneous, and we realize our current model of an economy based on consumption and entertainment consumption is out of date and no longer necessary. Instead we spend more time creating and sharing with each other, helping each other grow, learn, and we feed each other.  We no longer need million dollar movies made with green screens and computerized special effects. We no longer need everything to be cosmetic and beautiful and perfect and sublime. We don't need constant stimulation, noise, music something to do. We can sit in silence for an hour a day and turn in. We can dance and laugh and make food for each other and stop collecting and hoarding so much material stuff. We can use our money to travel and meet and greet and less oil and energy and earth deplete.
I was also thinking about jokes and their relation to this laughter stuff.. Sometimes I'll be watching a movie, play or TV show, and I'll start laughing just because of someone's infectious laugh I hear, not necessarily at the ready-to-laugh-at joke. The simple things, just noticing them, getting a little tickle, and observing it and letting it grow and grow into something bigger until there's a giggle, and a laugh and a guffaw and snort and cackle. Oh, the cackle. What elicits my cackle and why? Enough for now then, eh?


1) I want one of those.

2) On moe.'s Wormwood album, the last track is a wax recording of them laughing. It's one of the most halarious things I've ever heard.
Those NYC folks must love you!

I only hear that in southern prison movies, i want to say 'Cool Hand Luke'

But then my memories are fractional.
I really enjoy the daily philosophy. If you can't laugh at the Tao, wht can you laugh at?
Thanks for playing Beth's fine laughter. Yeah, zudfunck, the NYC folks do really love having ZipZapZop in the 'hood.

Here's the link to the laughtrack.
speaking of things that make me cackle, that awesome bunch of laughing from jan killed me. :) thank you!
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