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ZipZapZop 080905: Lars Labotomy

ZipZapZop 080905: LarsLabotomy

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ZipZapZop Daily: Tips, News and Entertainment for the Brave New World.
Hosted by Clark Saturn, recorded (mostly) live in New York City.

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Zima, is it? Introduce us will you?
my wife seema first appeared on 6/10/05, but keeps a pretty low profile on ZZZ so far...


OOOOhhh Power tools!

Hi Seema!
I thought the doll on the table was a doll, but then I saw Seema and WOWzers, now SHE is a DOLL! Matter of fact, I'm thinking of turning straight now - rofl!

Now I know where to go, should I ever need a Brainectomy; to Dr. Clark ;)
This was hilarious. I do things like that and my wife is equally freaked out.

Clark, I am curious how you feel about The Planet of the Apes. We may be brothers separated at birth.
Well I am adopted, but alas, I've met my birth mother and no twins... :(
I actually don't have an opinion on Planet of the Apes at this point. I used to be into Land of the Lost, though....
Mommy is very disturbed by what this crazy little man named Clark is doing to her son. However, I know the procedure is required. Have a good recovery Lars Olav.

Hi Seema!

wow. i'm a little bit scared right now.
Clark smacks Lars' head on table.

"Ok all set"


Nice new credit sequence.

I like how Seema walks in on you doing surgery to a doll , and explaining it to a video camera, and thinks nothing of it.

She seems like Carol.
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