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ZipZapZop 081505: American Walker

Watch the video

ZipZapZop Daily: Tips, News and Entertainment for the Brave New World.
Hosted by Clark Saturn, recorded (mostly) live in New York City.

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  • Just for those who haven't seen it, the American Walker trailer by Andrew Hubschmann and Clark ov Saturn, 2005. More exists. I'd love to do this with some pro cameras and sound and a script and all. Anyone got a producer and a budget? :)

bwahahaha - those shorts are killin' me!
It's the biggest thing since curling took over the '78 Olympics!!!
Thank god someone did something about this. I am ashamed I let my country down by not demanding racewalking change sooner.

Please forgive me...
Those shorts damn near killed me, too Ms-ing Kitten. Okay. I'm gonna have to go take a nap. Hilarious, guys. Stupendous & hilarious.
Nothing better than hariy white men legs. and short shorts
<-insert witty comment here->
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