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ZipZapZop 081905: Dear Clark...

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ZipZapZop Daily: Tips, News and Entertainment for the Brave New World.
Hosted by Clark Saturn, recorded (mostly) live in New York City.

Today's ZipZapZop.com topics:

what time are you going on tonight? we're gonna be in the neighborhood for another show.
Great show!!!

Loved the Brady theme song.
Lovely bird calls!!
Ohh, that last one was me....

also lovely set on friday! (sorry left early, had to sleeeeeeep!)
I love Friday's and you make it even more entertaining! Hope your weekend was the best!

you crack my shit up and i don't even know why its funny. Hit me up if you ever in Hawaii
Danke shoen for answering my questions, Clark. I've linked you, replayed you and shown you to friends. Global fame and riches aren't far away.
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