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ZipZapZop 100705: McLibelBush

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ZipZapZop.com is news, music and entertainment for the Brave New World, hosted by Clark Saturn courtesy of Blip.TV

Today's topics:

  • First I apologize for the very loud and janky sound. Still have some kinks in the new studio. But I felt that this content was important enough to overlook really ridiculously awful audio.
  • McLibel (docu), Fastfood Nation (book),  Supersize Me (docu)
  • Philly Wi-Fi : Earthlink
  • Skype interview with Pres. W Bush, with audio assistance courtesy of Todd Polenburg.
  • Have a lovely weekend!

Super Size Me maker also wrote a book. I have it. Have yet to read it. Interesting.
I like this blog... a lot... kind of weird though... hmmm...
Have you thought of using superglue for that mic?
Might work...

Kind regards
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