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ZipZapZop 14 Oct 05: CripCrapCrop...

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ZipZapZop.com is news, music and entertainment for the Brave New World, hosted by Clark Saturn courtesy of Blip.tV

Today's Topics:
Schlomo and Dooser call in live, Josh Leo's ZZZ parody (CripCrapCrop), going on the Off, Off, Off Vegas show with Jonny Goldstein (or perhaps Yanni Goldthtein)on Monday (10pm, channel 56 Manhattan or live on MNN.org), Tao Te Ching

NOTE:  MNN.org, not mnn.com! Thanks, Jonny!

The old fisher price record player hanging on the wall... I love it!

And Josh's post was indeed awesome. :D

awww....Dooser...that hurts...Ithought CripCrapCrop was good....but that Josh Neptune is no Clark Saturn!
Lol. CripCrapCrop still rocks...a little.

This stuff is awesome. I love it.

Yea yea, podcast. Clark on the road! Or just around campus. Soon, possibly the full thing with video ipods on their way!!

Lol. lowest quality on the net.

LOL. I love this shit.
Clark, I may be mistaken, but do you shave your
chest hair into a flying "V"? or are you just lucky and it grows like that naturally?
Hello, and thank you ALL for your participation and comments!

Bottom Union, I feel that your question warrants a "Dear Clark..." segment in the ZipZapZop show next week. Please stop back then to find out all the details of my ACME chest fur.
For those who want to tune in to "Off, Off, Off, Vegas" on Monday the correct URL is

Is actually http://mnn.org

See ya Monday!
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