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ZipZapZop.com 20 Oct 05: Back to mp4...

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Ok, so that didn't go too hot because the image didn't upload correctly or something and I tried to add it after the fact... Plus sometimes the video plays in the browser and sometimes it launches iTunes. I think I'll stick to mp4 and .mov, both of which are playable in the iPod.

This footage shot this past summer at the brooklyn botanic gardens at my favorite summertime spot. music by brian eno/harold budd one of my alltime favorite teary tracks, The Chill Air.

The verdict according to me:

The m4v and the mp4 are about the same size (mp4 is a bit bigger at 5.2 megs vs. mp4 is 4.8 megs for one minute)...

but the m4v looks much better, is much less pixelated.... so the hassle may be worth if if you want better quality...? I have to check these yet in FireAnt and iTunes.

Thanks to whoever at blip helped me fix the m4v post so it works! :)
Cool. Nice artistic piece.
Hiya Clark.

I was saving my latest vids in H.264 which is supposed to be supported by the iPod but it didn't work.

Any ideas on saving with H.264? The files are small and look so sweet!
This is lovely, Clark. An unexpected moment the more moving for its surprise.
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