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ZZZ 09 Nov 05: Leaf sessions 2

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ZipZapZop.com vlog is a video blog podcast of news, music and entertainment for the Brave New World, hosted by Clark Saturn, video hosted by Blip.TV, dude. Subscription feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/clarksworld

Today's topics:
Leaf session #2: Serious. Perhaps tooooo serious. Oh well, have to mix it up...

hey clark...

great show

thanks for zip-zap-zoppin' it all the way.

i *heart* you clark-ov-saturn!

oh, how i have lost my way from my treasured vlog friends.

this looked really cool btw.
We're loyal viewers over here.
Don't think you need to fret too much,
zipzapzop is much needed sustenance.
I've always enjoyed the 'cast. No zzz'n during my ZZZ'n! You should experiment and have fun, but don't fret about being "too little this" or "too little that". Behind it all is an unquantifiable Clarkian energy, and I that's why I watch.

I really like the silver/black/white/contrast with which you started out this episode. It was almost sad to see it go... but it also indicated your transition to a separate segment, so the transition was well-timed.

Your comments about particles and one-ness (next ep, I think, I watch them out-of-order sometimes in FireAnt) synch rather nicely with a book I'm reading now, "Planetary Dreams". It's a non-fic about the likelihood of life's origins in the universe. Mostly biology and astronomy, in lay-man's terms.
Rocketboom likes to moderate the hell out of my comments so I've given up rocketboom for zipzapzop. take it all the way herr saturn!

I can't decide whether this episode is parody or not. Sorta like parody paranoia.
Who cares about production quality or personal revelations. I don't. You're entertaining. That's why I watch.
It's obvioius you're trying and yes, we love whatever you put out - whatever the mood. Understand the doubt. Thanks for reminding us about temporality and tao.
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