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ZZZ 15 Nov 05: Ginkgo Biloba!!

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Today's topics:
Ginkgo Biloba, more groovy info on ginkgo and other brain stuff, or dude, check out this article, and finally, the site with the pronunciation sound of Ginkgo Biloba. With music by Leo Kottke and Mike Gordon, "Sweet Emotion". Tao Te Ching, too.

Damn, baby, you on a roll.
I used to live in a place with a couple ginkgo biloba trees. I mispronounced it for a long time as well.

Turns out that these are like weed plants, in that there are male and female varieties. Whichever one produces seeds - stay away from them. The seeds would land on our walkway and the other people who lived in the building would step on them. These things smell like death. For the first coule weeks I thought there was a body rotting outside somewhere. It's like being in a warmed-up morgue.

More info about the Ginkgo and the seeds:
forum-blog and homepage.
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