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ZZZ 16 Nov 05: Zappa rocked!

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Frank Zappa rocked! Apparently Moon Unit was voted most bizarre name somewhere. Joe's Garage! Keep it greasy! We're only in it for the money! Lumpy Gravy! Let's make the water turn black! Yeah! Audio gets a little out of sync and messed...

For whatever strange reason,
my mum named her cats
Moon Unit, and Dweezil.
haha. why does it hurt when i pee.
Checking ZZZ today led me to listen to a bunch of FZ today, which I wouldn't have thought to do otherwise. Thanks. Hearing 'Trouble Everyday' from his first album got my attention as a kid. Since then I've been a big fan of his early work 1966-1973, mostly with the Mothers, his most innovative period I think. Thanks again! PS: Have you seen the video of FZ on the Steve Allen Show prior to growing hair and moustache?
yo saturn that ginckgo bilboa (LALALALA) skit yesterday was hilarious, you had my friends laughing out loud up at the computer lab, I can get the tune out of my head now....
When I was in sixth grade I got the Zappa album Sheik Yerbouti for my birthday. I love that album! The big song on it was "Dancin' Fool" and it lots of other fun stuff like, "Broken Hearts Are For Assholes," "I Have Been In You," and "Flakes."
I love Zappa ... I had friends who were particularly obsessed with him, and I heard Joe's garage in it's entirity about a skizzillion times ... for some reason I would have guessed that you would be a big fan ... I can see his influence
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