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ZZZ 28 Nov 05: Victoria's Secret revealed...

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Victoria's Secret code is cracked and revealed to the world, movie: The Family Stone is warm for clark's cold cold heart (DOH! Lack of fact-check foiled again! Has nothing to do with Sideways director Alexander Payne, but shares a producer....thanks Ed S!) , Mayan Calendar Cast: 4th night begins now!, support ZipZapZop by buying videos from Mystic Fire and blinky light things from Lightattack. (but you have to use the links I give you!), Tao Te Ching #56...

Music is from Socks and Sandals, today.

Hey Clark, I was surprised to hear there was a new film by "Sideways" director Alexander Payne. He's a favorite, and not just because we share a hometown (Omaha, Nebraska). I went and checked IMDb, and it appears that he did not direct "The Family Stone". It looks like both movies had the same producer, though.

Regardless, I'll check out the film on your recommendation. Thanks for the tip.

If you haven't seen Payne's other films, I highly recommend these: About Schmidt (2002), Election (1999), and Citizen Ruth (1996).
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